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Sexy 24/7 Hostess


There are many ways our Sexy 24/7 Hostess can assist you in finding the right lady and the best way for you to receive your call.

>>>> First Choice call/call service <<<<

If you prefer one number to access your phone sex services 1-877-787-7961.
Our 24/7 Sexy Hostess will be more than happy to take your information, take care of the billing for you and transfer you to your fantasy lady guaranteed to please .. Or .. Our 24/7 Sexy Hostess will provide you with your fantasy Ladies personal toll free number to reach her directly. We can also have your fantasy Lady Call you after billing has been taken care of with our 24/7 Sexy Hostess. Either way it's always your choice at First Choice Phone SEX

>>>> Information service <<<<
If your unsure which Cottage Lady will best suit you. Our 24/7 Sexy Hostess will help you find the right Lady and give you her direct toll free number
and her web site for trouble free viewing of her hardcore XXX pictures.

>>>> Site Information service <<<<
Call when your favorite Cottage Girlie is not Available
Our 24/7 Sexy Hostess will let you know when she will return and/or help you find the Sexy Cottage girlie that will surely rock your cock!

Please call the Sexy 24/7 Hostess

1-877-PUSSY-61 ~~~ 1-877-787-7961

She will help you find a Sexy Lady guaranteed to please !

Rates are 2.50 a minute with a 10 minute minimum. We accept 4 Major credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover). Your time will be billed by the sexy hostess or your PhoneSEXgirlieS. All information she asks you is solely for credit card verification. Ask about international rates & specials

Your charge will always be discreetly billed as Cottage Communications Inc


Discretion and your Privacy is our first and foremost concern. We will not share, sell or give away any of your information ever, too anyone. Unless required by a law enforcement agency or issuing credit card company.

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