Billing Information

Thank you for choosing Cottage Communications as your First Choice for Sexy, Steamy, Trusted and Discreet Phone Sex.
It is our intention to provide you with the most satisfying quality phone sex available on the net today.

>>>> First Choice call/call service <<<<

If you prefer one number to access your phone sex services.
1-877-PUSSY-61 *** 1-877-787-7961
The sexy 24/7 hostess will be more than happy to take your information, take care of the billing for you and transfer you to your fantasy Lady of choice. Or you may call her directly on her toll free line ringing into her home. If call back service is your desire, just ask we will accommodate!

Which ever way is your pleasure ... the fun begins here!

Payment Options


1-on-1 Phone Sex 2.50 per Minute
2-Lady Phone Sex 4.50 per Minute
3-Lady Orgy Phone 6.50 per Minute

10 minute minimum applies

Calling from outside the United States
2.50 TO 3.50 PER MINUTE
10 minute minimum applies

Major credit cards (visa/mc/amex/discover) will be billed by our 24/7 sexy Hostess or your Lady of choice.

All billing information our Ladies ask you is solely for credit card verification.

Your charge will always be discreetly billed as Cottage Communications

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Credit card isn't convenient for you check out our pre-pay options

Discretion and your Privacy is our first and foremost concern. We will not share, sell or give away any of your information ever, too anyone. Unless required by a law enforcement agency or issuing credit card company.

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